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Business In Focus Magazine: Innovative Entrepreneurship in Central Louisiana

admin | 13th August, 2018
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Combine an entrepreneurial ethos, a skilled workforce with a bent toward lifelong learning, automation startups, Fortune 100 manufacturers, private businesses operating on an international scale, four colleges and an enlightened and connected regional leadership and you have the recipe for making good things happen.

And good things are exactly what are happening in Central Louisiana – for businesses and for residents.

“This region has reached a critical mass of companies, government leaders, individuals and nonprofits who want it to grow, change, and prosper,” said Jim Clinton, President and Chief Executive Officer of Central Louisiana Economic Development Alliance. “That is an environment we thrive in. Our job is to help identify the right steps to bring the maximum opportunity to the greatest part of the citizenry.”

This region, home to a National Geographic magazine great outdoors town, is a region of makers. This is the place where good stuff is made: Tide™ pods and tank cars, two-by-fours and OSB sheets, electric substations and fishing lures, letterpress stationery and cypress armoires. The region’s most recent Inc. Magazine 1000 company is a maker who designs, fabricates and markets metal designs throughout the country. The coders at one of the region’s boutique software firms make the world’s most downloaded ticketing app.

In Central Louisiana, the residents work with their hands, hearts, intelligence and creativity. The region’s identity as makers is the thread that weaves through and binds the region. In fact, making good stuff is at the core of the region’s two economic clusters — manufacturing and forest products.

For more information, read the full article here: https://mags.businessinfocusmagazine.com/e_mag/BIFNAAug2018/#page=14