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admin | 21st December, 2018
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Wayne Mullins is a passionate entrepreneur committed to being remarkable and getting extraordinary results for his clients.
He regularly provides marketing insights to companies that are generating $50,000,000 to $100,000,000 in annual revenues. However, his passion is helping small business owners and entrepreneurs challenge their assumptions, creating value where they’ve never looked, and increasing their profits along the way. He has worked hands-on with clients in over 50 different business categories and from every corner of the globe.
Over the past 10 years, Wayne has started six companies, all with less than $1,000. His most recent creation, Ugly Mug Marketing, has helped clients around the world get more from their websites. Ugly Mug’s work has won the praises of some of the top bloggers and influencers on the world wide web.

Ugly Mug Marketing

Results, not awards. That’s the heart and soul of who we are, what we stand for and what we stand against.

Our passion is delivering results. This is represented in everything from our core values to our name, to our design philosophy.

Here are a few ways our clients describe Ugly Mug Marketing: Anti-Corporate. Slightly Rebellious. Fun. A Little Hipster. Quirky.

We are less about a particular style, and more about a story, Your story. Not the story you tell yourself, but the story your customers and prospects believe about your brand.

To apply for the CULTIVATING SMALL FARM SUCCESS workshop series, click here.


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 I made great friends with other beginning farmers in my class! I still work with the instructors and the Fresh Central Team at CLEDA. I can count on their help every time I need it. Starting a business is hard work but they really help.