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admin | 06th December, 2018
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I’m so excited to announce that our team is expanding to include a full-time Farmers Market Manager! The pay is good and the benefits are great! This is a full-time position located in Alexandria Louisiana. Have I told you that: Our team does regular *Take Your Kayak to Work* Days? They are almost always epic! We spend a full day paddling the bayous and lakes throughout the state. Multi-day trips are planned for 2019!


That we have the best office culture I’ve ever experienced? Anywhere! Want to take a meeting outside? We do that. Want to walk and talk? Walking meetings happen almost every day. Need some caffeine? We all have our favorite coffee-shop second office. Everyone gets to be responsible for their own work. If you are on the team we believe in you! Seriously! We are building a new office over the next year – you can bet that the workspace will be innovative, modern and comfortable for any work style.


I moved to Alexandria myself two years ago to join this team, and it’s the best decision I ever made! The access to outdoor recreation (kayaking, canoeing, hiking, mountain and road biking, hunting, fishing, foraging, and more) is so easy and so abundant. The weather here is great! Need a few days of cold to transition between years? You can count on a few cold days, but we are quite a bit south so it’s never cold for too long, or too cold. And everything closes (and I mean everything) when there is “snow” or ice. Alexandria is 4 hours north of New Orleans, 2.5 hours from Baton Rouge, and 1 hour from Lafayette. We have drive through daquiri shops (I don’t get it but there you are), amazing music and tasty food.


The local food initiative team is the most productive team I’ve ever worked with. There is a diversity of experience and breadth of knowledge that could only be improved by adding just the right person to the team. We are recruiting nationally for the position of Farmers Market Manager so please share this request for applications far and wide (or keep it to yourself if this is calling your name). If you have any questions feel free to contact Allison, or myself. I love talking about our team and am happy to answer questions. Look at our project website: www.freshcentral.org and our organization website at: www.cleda.org. The job description is attached. We will look forward to hearing from you or anyone you share this with. And if you want to see this team in action, join us for lunch soon! Laissez le bon ton roulez!

-Bahia Nightengale
For more information and to view the entire job description CLICK HERE.
To apply, Send cover letter and resume to Allison Tohmé (atohme@cenla.org).