Business/Higher Ed Alliance

Higher Ed forges a deeper relationship with business
In response to Business and Industry’s growing need for a robust pipeline of well-educated talent from our Higher Education Institutions, the Business/Higher Ed Alliance was created.  Initially, the purpose was to facilitate the discussions around priorities, relevance and collaborative strategies.  It is now evolving into stronger relationships and meaningful partnerships as a means to maximize the effectiveness between the institutions and the employers.
The Higher Educational Institutions that serve as the cornerstones of this Alliance with Business are Central Louisiana Technical Community College (with 6 campuses in the Region), Louisiana State University of Alexandria, Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, and Louisiana College in Pineville.
Each of the schools offers numerous programs that focus on the needs of Business and Industry, and in particular, health care and manufacturing.  They meet together periodically to discuss common issues; and present their progress annually at a Higher Education Summit, that is open to the public. 
The Central Louisiana Manufacturing Managers Council now meets at each of the four schools for an informational exchange each year.  These meetings have become invaluable in creating open lines of communication and the development of business partnerships with higher education.
For more information about the Higher Ed Alliance contact Wayne Denley at 318-441-3427 or