Jump Start through Career Pathways

High School students train for industry based credentials
Jump Start is Louisiana’s innovative career and technical education (CTE) program.  Jump Start prepares students to lead productive adult lives, capable of continuing their education after high school while earning certifications in high-wage career sectors.  Students are required to attain industry-promulgated, industry-valued credentials in order to graduate with a Career Diploma. 
There is an active Regional Team established to support the implementation for the school districts in the Central Region.  This team consists of partnerships among K-12 and post-secondary educators, industry leaders and experts in workforce development and economic development.  The team is active in the creation of career graduation pathways and collaborating to provided workplace experiences for students and teachers.  Schools receive the same accountability grade credit for preparing students for careers in high-demand job sectors as they do for students who achieve top academic honors.
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To find out more about the Central Louisiana Regional Team and to offer your input contact Dr. Marjorie Taylor at The Orchard Foundation, 318-767-3023 or