Work-Based Learning

Work experience coupled with the classroom, enriches learning
CLEDA recognizes that work-based learning can again become an important method for adapting the current workforce to become proficient in the new skills needed for our continuously changing work environment.  Work-based learning can take many forms from registered and unregistered apprenticeships, internship or co-operative education (Co-ops).
To help accelerate the use of this concept, a report was recently prepared by Regional Technology Strategies.  The report provides solid background information for developing an implementation strategy for various work-based learning programs.  It has stimulated numerous exploratory conversations around creating new apprenticeship programs designed to meet the needs of our manufacturers and their employees.
The report identifies resources and provides best practice information that can be helpful to our manufacturers and our educational providers such as CLTCC and their Manufacturing Center for Excellence.   It is available to the public for review and use. 
To obtain a copy of the report or for more information contact Wayne Denley at 318-441-3427 or