Work Ready Network

Work Ready Network is your workforce solution
The Cenla Work Ready Network is designed to aid in preparing tomorrow’s workforce for the jobs that will be available.  The initiative is spearheaded by The Orchard Foundation, and connects emerging, current and transitioning workers with the ACT WorkKeys assessment.  Testing is conducted in partnership with area high schools, Louisiana Workforce Commission’s Business & Career Solutions Centers and the campuses of Central Louisiana Technical Community College.
Cenla Work Ready Network brings all of the WorkKeys resources together.  It is designed to link education with workforce development efforts and aligns them with regional economic needs.  Key components include:
  • Career Ready 101 career training course
  • WorkKeys job skills assessment
  • National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC)
  • Assistance to high schools for development of industry-based certifications
In addition, the Network itself is an online tool helps employers connect with NCRC holders who have documented their ability to learn and perform at levels that can be matched to job requirements.  The Network maintains a database of individuals in Central Louisiana who have earned the NCRC.  The job notice is sent to all certificate holders at or above the certificate level required for the specific posting.  Interested jobseekers will contact employers.  There is no cost for this system.  For additional information, visit
For additional information, visit or to just get started call 1-800-447-2795 or email