Visualizing The Food System

The Coronavirus pandemic is profoundly shifting the world around us. One thing that remains amidst these changes is that we all must eat, and the current situation has amplified our awareness of the daily process of accessing, preparing, and eating food.

Below are the results of the CLEDA's Visualizing the Food System challenge, which asked participants to submit  three photographs, with brief captions, that capture the current ways you are accessing, struggling with, embracing, loving, enjoying, hating, or otherwise connecting to food as an individual or family while social distancing.

Nick Blackstone

Parish: Rapides
  • "Back of the cupboard" ingredients now get their time to shine. Reducing my personal food waste.
  • Connecting with food and the outdoors in a way, that maybe hasn't been done since the early times
  • Focused more on using local sourced food and drinks. Supporting the place I live, as well as people

David Simon

Parish: Vermilion
  • Stay home and grow delicious nutritious food
  • How sweet it is to have a food abundance.
  • Food security fresh picked off the vine.

Kristi Walker

Parish: Allen
  • Buying produce that hasn't been on store shelves
  • Fishing for supper
  • Growing our own food

Leola Bernard

Parish: St. Tammany
  • Decided to plant instead of going to town and buy
  • Build the planter box my partner and I to get out of the home
  • We built 2 plant boxes on our own enjoyed working together as a team and we planted vegetables

Brittany Smith

Parish: St Martin
  • Working at sunrise to insure good plants to feed our family.
  • Raising chickens for eggs and meat and learning experience for our children.
  • Teaching the next generation about gardening to insure self sustainability and self reliance.

Sherri Spence

Parish: Rapides
  • My quarantine peanut butter chocolate brownies!
  • Fresh veges to blend with eggs to make breakfast burritos!
  • My cherry tomatoes!

Cynthia Groover

Parish: Rapides
  • It does not!!! I go get fresh fruits and vegetables from bountiful baskets! Love it
  • I love it fresh fresh fresh!!!
  • I love this fresh fresh! I also split it with my mom!!!

Tammy DeRouen

Parish: Rapides
  • Hopefully a good harvest this year.
  • Getting the pantry stocked with mayhaw jelly.
  • Banana pecan bread. Stay at home staple.

Kimber Gilcrease

Parish: Rapides
  • Getting soil ready to plant our seeds in.
  • Making this a family project has really brought us closer.
  • Watching seeds grow, like this corn, has got both my boys so excited!

Leah Hollier

Parish: Evangeline
  • I started to make my own sandwich bread instead of trying to buy it. I enjoy it too!
  • Planted my own garden. Helps me get outside and active not to mention independence from stores.
  • I made beef soup & egg salad from uneaten food from Easter meal. Stopping me from wasting food.