"This rural parish in north central Louisiana may seem unassuming. But when it comes to Louisiana politics, Winn is Mount Olympus. It was here that the most powerful political machine in state history—and, likely, American history—was born. Huey P. Long ruled Louisiana with an iron fist as both governor and senator, from 1928 until his assassination in 1935. Two other governors from Winn, O.K. Allen and Huey’s brother Earl, were products of the Long machine that dominated state politics for three decades. The Louisiana Political Museum and Hall of Fame in Winnfield tells these tales and more. Winn itself has a contrarian history. The parish vehemently opposed secession from the Union, and in the early decades of the 20th century, it became a socialist enclave. Lumberjacks compete at piney parish’s annual Louisiana Forest Festival, and Uncle Earl’s Hot Dog Trials pits dog against hog in a canine rodeo."

- From www.louisianatravel.com

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