"The rivers and creeks that lace the Catahoula Parish landscape feed both its history and many of its modern day cultural and recreational attractions for visitors. The parish's largest town, Jonesville, sits at the confluence of three rivers, the Ouachita, Tensas and the Little, which all combine here to become the Black River. The town is the gateway to prolific, first-rate fishing excursions on these waterways and also on nearby Larto Lake.  Upstream, historic Harrisonburg is home to the Civil War-era Fort Beauregard, from which Confederate forces repelled Union gunboats. The fort is now open to the public. Named for the Catahoula Indians, the parish is also the original home of Louisiana’s official state canine, the Catahoula leopard dog. Sicily Island Hills Wildlife Management Area has some of the most rugged terrain in the area with high ridges dropping sharply into the creek bottoms creating waterfalls and challenging hiking trails."